Best Motivational Quotes

1)”The person who learn from his mistake, is NEVER FAILS in life”

2)”Difficult road often lead to beautiful destination”

3)”With every pain comes a lesson, and every lesson changes a person”

4) “When something good happens , travel to celebrate. When something bad happens , travel to forget it. If nothing happens , travel to make something happen” 

5) “The pain of discipline is far less than The pain of regret”

6) “Never be a prisoner of your past , it was a lesson Nt a life sentence”

7) “Winners aren’t people that never fail. They are the people That never quit”

8) “success is like an iceberg. You can only see the top , but beneath is where all the work is done. The more failures , the bigger the iceberg grows. Eventually it will reach the surface, because of its persistence. YOUR PERSISTENCE”

9) “opportunity does not knock , it presents itself when you beat down the floor”

10) “Be like a tree. Stay grounded , keep growing , and know when to let go”

11) “Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times , they can only make you stronger”

12) “The best lessons come from the worst time”

13) “Your mind is a weapon , keep it loaded”

14) “The race has now already begun , so decide where you want to be and commit yourself towards its daily”

15) “Expect nothing , but be prepared for everything”

16) “Don’t worry about creating perfect life. Just focus on creating this day perfect”

17) “work hard now , make a difference now , and be remembered like a lengend forever”

18) “stop chasing money , and start chasing your passion”

19) “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up and start working for them”

20) “Get up , dress up , show up , and never give up”

21) “wake up determined , go to bed satisfied”

22) “self belief and hard work will always earn you success”

23) “slow progress is always better than no progress. Keep going”

24) “small steps but perfect steps , slow progress but perfect results”

25) “Don’t let a bad day think you have a bad life”

26) “work hard in silence , let your Lamborghini make the noise”

27) “Dreams only become real , if you work to make them happen”

28) “The bigger you dream the more you will accomplish”

29) “If you really want something , you will find a way.. If you don’t you will find an excuse”

30) “Learn to turn negatives into positives”

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