Digital marketing strategy and planning

What Is Digital Marketing:A Step by Step Guide

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a marketing of goods & services using of digital technology. like internet marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing.In today’s world this type of marketing has become the new face that is driving the internet world.

Digital marketing gained its popularity in the early 2000s and it still a growing field and shifted the way businesses use technology for marketing their products.Online marketing is the future now.

Digital marketing can be operated in both online and offline.

1) Offline is any media channels that aren’t connected to the internet. These channels include billboards, television ads, telemarketing, radio, print advertising, signs, and pamphlets.

2) Offline marketing is great, but online marketing is more effective than offline marketing to succeed in your business these days, it has to accept online marketing. It’s the procedure of promoting a business on the internet. It includes such techniques as email marketing, website design, social media, video marketing and search engine marketing.

Do you know why digital marketing strategy has been a necessary need for every industry and how it helps ?

Here is the answer . . .

· Platform to Interact with your Targeted Audience

· Builds Brand Reputation

· Cost-Effective Medium

· Increases Conversions

· Generate Better Revenues

1) Platform to Interact with your Targeted Audience :

Digital marketing provide you the platform to interact with your targeted audiences in real time. Whether it is SEO, email marketing, social media or any other form.

2) Builds Brand Reputation

Digital marketing helps to build up brand through blogs and other digital marketing channels.

3) Cost-Effective Medium

The small businesses have very little resources even capitalization, therefore online selling helps them with low value

4) Increases Conversions

By working through digital marketing you can get a traffic that gives opportunities to generate leads, subscribers, and sales.

5) Generate Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates mean profitable benefits for your business in terms of better & higher revenues and better revenue means the chance for small & medium companies to expand their manpower & businesses, both locally and globally.

This type of marketing has given you an in-depth knowledge on how the online marketing works. Through digital marketing, you will be able to strategy  and put proper measures into building your business and reaching a large number of targeted peoples.

Here are the 7 big tactics of online marketing again:

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2) Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3) Content Marketing

4) Social Media Marketing (SMM)

5) Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

6) Affiliate Marketing

7) Email Marketing

Average package for digital marketers in metros across india


Average yearly pay(in rupees)

Digital marketing/SEO/PPC/Social media fresher(0-1 yr exp)
Digital marketing/SEO/PPC/Social media specialist (1-4 yr exp)
Digital marketing/SEO/PPC/Social media team leader(4-6 yr exp)
Digital marketing/SEO/PPC/Social media manager(6-8 yr exp)
Digital marketing manager(8-10 yr exp)
Digital marketing manager with marketing background(12-15 yr exp)
Digital marketing manager non marketing background(12-15 yr exp)
Head of marketing (online/offline)marketing background

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