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galaxy pic
Scattered across the universe are billion of galaxies,each containing millions or even billion of stars.They come in many different shapes and sizes.Modern telescopes can now see very old galaxies the were born not long after the birth of the universe.
  • There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe,and each galaxy has,on an average,100 billion stars.
  • The milky way galaxy was formed 5 billion years after the big bang.
  • latest known galaxy is the dwarf galaxy.
  • Andromeda is our nearest galaxy

Shapes & Sizes

Some galaxies are ”elliptical” or almost round,like huge balls.Some are spirals,with long,curved arms.Many small galaxies are ”irregular” ,with no special shape.Small galaxies may contain a few million stars and measure less than 3000 light years across.The galactic super giants contain billions of suns and are more than 150,000 light years across

Spiral Galaxy

Spiral galaxy , spinning spiral galaxies have long,curved arms.Young stars,pink nebulas and dust are found in arms

Barred Spiral

Barred spiral,barred spirals have long,tailing arms and a central bar.The most recent stars form at the ends of the bar

Elliptical Galaxy

elliptical galaxy
Elliptical galaxy,these galaxies are round and made up of older stars.Many are found in galaxy clusters.Most are thought to hold supermassive black holes.

Irregular Galaxy

Irregular galaxy , galaxies with no recognizable shape are irregular.They are small with lots of young stars and bright nebulas.

Types of Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy

Whirlpool galaxy
This is a huge , well defined spiral galaxy,31 million light years away.its smaller satellite galaxy can be seen.There are through to be super massive black holes at the center of spiral galaxies.

Antennae Galaxies

antennae galaxy
A well known collision involves the two antennae galaxies.They are 45 million light years from earth and were lit up by bursts of  star formation as they collided.

Galaxy Factfile

Satellite Galaxies

Most large galaxies have smaller,satellite galaxies in orbit around them.The Andromeda galaxy has many satellite galaxies.The milky way has several dozen

Galaxy Cluster

Galaxies form clusters because of their huge gravitational pull.They often pull each other out of shape  and may collide.

Black Hole

Most galaxies have super massive black holes at their center.Their gravity is so strong that not even light can escape.We can only see the hot gas,dust,stars getting pulled in.

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