Inventions and Discoveries


Inventions and Discoveries

Since people began living in simple dwellings,inventions have been a part of technological development.From the the first use of stone for tools to the worldwide dependence on computers,people are always  finding something new.

10,000 BC(WHISTLE)

Archaeologists have found WHISTLE dating from 10,000 BC.The WHISTLE may well have been the first musical instrument.



WHEAT AND BARLEY have been used to feed people for thousands of years.It is thought that it was first grown in the middle east


7000 BC (CHISEL)

About nine thousand years ago people started to make stone CHISELS.The CHISEL gave the user more control when carving soft materials,such as wood


7000 BC (FIRE)

FIRE although fire has been used for millions of years,it was only nine thousand years ago when people discovered how to male it


6000 BC (DRUM)

DRUMS have been used for thousands of years.The remains of drums as old as 6000 BC have been found by Archaeologists


5000 BC (PLOUGH)

PLOUGH seeds grow better in soil that has been prepared by a PLOUGH.Early ploughs were pushed or pulled by people to prepare the ground.


4000 BC (SCALES)

Early scales were beam balances.A straight length of metal or wood was held from its center,pans were hung from either end and an object was weighted in one pan against weights in the other pan


3500 BC(BRICK)

People started marketing strong,waterproof BRICKS by baking them in a kiln instead of just letting the mud they were moulded from dry in the sun.


3500 BC (WHEEL)

Without the invention of WHEEL  we wouldn’t be able to do lots things today.Early WHEELS were made from planks of wood and were used in Mesopotamia. They were most likely to have been developed by potters eho desired to make completely rounded pots.


2900 BC (DAM)

The earliest dam was built by the Egyptians. They built a mound to act as a dam to stop the city of Memphis from flooding



The Greeks adapted the ancient Palestinian alphabet(with symbols for consonants) and made their own which included vowels and consonants.

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