Looking To The Future Of Our World

Humans are dominant species on the planet . we make use of all earth’s resources  , but there is a limit to how long these will last if we carry on using them up at our current rate . it is in our own best interests to find ways of living that do not harm the environment , and protect the animals and planets that live here too

Pollution prevention

For years ,humans have been dumping the waste protects of industrial processes on the ground, in river or into the air . by using  new and cleaner technologies we can reduce the amount of toxic substance produced and find ways to make them less damaging to the environment.

Recycling. . .

Recycling human uses and waste an enormous amount of earth’s resources .most rubbish is put in large holes in ground , but we are rapidly running out of space .a better way to save resources in recycling . paper, plastics ,metal , glass and textiles can all be recycled and used again

Global warming. . .

Earth is getting warming . scientist have been measuring the temperature and have notice that the global average is slowly increasing . this coincide with the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 200 years .it is set to keep climbing.

Protecting seeds. . .

More than one third of all flowering plants are vulnerable to extinction . many of these species could be valuable to humans ,but are being wiped out before their uses can be discovered .scientists are now going around the world looking for plants and taking their seeds for storage in seed bank .this way,they can grow new plants if their original habitat is destroyed.


Wild areas are important , but many are being destroyed or raided for their resources .organization around the world are trying to protect wildlife and habitats by building sanctuaries for endangered species,such as the orang-utan,and preserving key areas , including wetlands and forests.

Ecotourism. . .

Ecotourism travelling to a new place is fun, but tourism has an impact on the people, animals and planets that live there . Ecotourism helps protect the future of national parks  and other protected areas by encouraging operators to plan resorts in a way that looks after the local wildlife and environment

Reforestation. . .

Reforestation many of the world’s original forests have been cut down.forests are a vital ecosystem ,so in some areas new woodlands are being developed using native trees .if managed sustainable they will provide an income  for local people and safe home for wildlife.

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