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The best real-life examples of "success is the best revenge"

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You may not recognize the brilliant personality of India, He is K.R. Narayanan, the 10th President of Republic of India.

(Book: First among equals, Presidents of India by Scharada Dubey)

He was born in a really poor family where his family had to strive hard to even fulfill their basic needs.A lot of times he was not even allowed to sit in the class because his family couldn’t pay the fees.He had to walk 15 kilometers everyday to reach his school.When there was no money to buy the books, his elder brother used to borrow the books from other students and copy them out for him.

Now comes the revenge story.

He was academically a brilliant student and he passed the BA(literature) Honours, winning the first rank in University of Travancore in 1943.

After such a big achievement, he wanted a job as a lecturer at Maharaja’s College. Being the highest ranked student of his course, he should have easily got this job but he had to face an ugly social discrimination because he belonged to a so called “lower caste”.

He was given a clerical post in the university and a book worth 100 rupees. He was angry with such treatment and demanded a meeting with the Maharaja but he refused to meet. He tried different other ways but nothing worked in his favor.

Finally, he decided to boycott the convocation and refused to take the degree from the university.

Destiny was not in his favor, so he decided to create his own destiny.

He supported his family by becoming a part- time teacher.
He worked as a journalist for The Hindu and Times of India.
He requested J.R.D Tata to sponsor his studies so that he could go to abroad for his further studies.
After years of struggle, hard work, excellence, failures, and success he was elected as the President of India.

50 years after that degree incident, he went back to the same university to address a huge audience.

But this time, the same university which insulted him 50 years back was now pleading him to honour them by taking his degree that he refused to take at that time.

K.R Narayanan is an inspiration to every single person out there. He proved that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything.

“No matter how many failures may come in your path, always remember that your success will be the biggest revenge”

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